4 Spaces

Unique textiles, wallcoverings and accessories for both residential and contract markets, supplied globally to architects and designers. Design from Switzerland.

Caino Design

The capability of looking beyond to invent new forms of expression results in the creation of finely engraved and highly detailed metal panels, designed and made in Italy, to be used as partitions, curtains, decorations or integrated into lighting systems.

DFB Sales

DFB Sales specializes in the manufacturing and installation of high quality, customizable window and interior finish products for commercial and high-end residential markets.


A wallcovering that can also be used for lighting, partitions, and illuminated art panels in residential, hotel, and commercial space. Skilled Artisans create these handmade papers using both classical and modern techniques in the ancient art of Wagami.

Rodolph Fabrics

Presenting a broad range of textiles from around the world, Rodolph's rich, sumptuous textures and vibrant colors unite in unassuming elegance. Rodolph is on the leading edge of design for residential and hospitality fabrics.

Rodolph Technohide™

The Rodolph trademark Technohide™ now comprised of over 300 faux leathers suitable for residential projects, hotel hospitality, office, health care, and assisted living.

Rodolph Wall Stile™

A revolutionary, patent-pending, soft wall tile with the look of high-end leather, other exotic textures and metallics. Wall Stile™, exclusive to Rodolph.

Vano Home Interiors

A tradition of passion, creativity and quality are at the forefront of Vano Fabrics from Belgium. Exceptional jacquards, prints and embroidery are notably stocked to meet a discerning taste for fine upholstery and window application.

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