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Lesson 1 Transition between Search ▪ Detail ▪ Scheme Tabs

  • SEARCH allows you to filter and refine your selection.
  • Use FAVORITES section on the right to store your selections while browsing.
  • Drag & Drop feature, click and hold to select a fabric, DRAG to Favorites or Projects. When background is highlighted in black, DROP fabrics.
  • DETAIL offers additional Color options, Zoom view, Technical information. Double click on any thumbnail in Search, Details, Favorites, Projects or Colorbar.

Lesson 2 Build and Store Design Schemes for Your Projects

  • Scheme tab allows you to add color coordinates to a Project Story Board.
  • Click on Projects…Edit located at the upper right column. Ten projects with 10 schemes each are made available to you upon registering.
  • Once logged in, you may store your projects to a password protected site.
  • Draw from the Color Bar, Favorites, or other Projects to create your "Storyboard Inspiration” using Drag and Drop.
  • Fabrics can be rearranged, reduced or rotated, referred to as RR for Railroaded. You may add notes to specify use of a fabric.
  • Double click on any thumbnail and you will be directed to a Detailed tab with other color options to select from. From here you'll also have the option to print these details for your personal records.
  • Return to Search – Detail – Scheme, using the tabs at the top. Your last position will be retained until your return. There is no need to use the back button.

Lesson 3 Make Stock Inquires ▪ Sample Requests ▪ Fabric Reserves

  • Email an inquiry, stock check or sample request from a Project scheme. Your inquiries and sample requests will be linked to our designated Representative or Authorized Dealer.
  • Or, create a sample project folder for each project (as demonstrated) and consolidate your sample requests.
  • All answers and sample confirmations will be sent to your personal Sample/Message center found under profile.
  • Upon completing the registration process all active sample requests are shipped within 48 hours, and will arrive within 3 business days.
  • All requests for special priced fabrics will go directly to RODOLPH. Add one additional business day for delivery.

Lesson 4 Share Your Design Schemes with a Client

  • Click the envelope icon on the project bar to go to “share your scheme” Personalize your presentation by adding a header, leaving fabric or scheme-specific comments for your client, or displaying the fabric pricing.
  • When completed, the presentation can be downloaded and printed as a PDF or sent as an HTML link.
  • If you wish to show your presentation to your client in real-time, you can utilize virtual meeting tools such as “Gotomeeting”, available under RESOURCES, in the “Virtual Meeting” tab.

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