Why should I register now?

  • No other website offers a designing opportunity that will save up to 10 projects, each with 10 individual schemes.
  • Once registered and logged in, your work is password protected so that you may return to it.
  • A "Promotional Savings" for design professionals of up to $200 is available through June 1st, 2011. (restrictions apply)
  • Only after registration will you have access to special priced fabrics.
  • Only registered Design Professional accounts may make sample requests and stock inquiries, which are saved in your message center.

I am a Design Professional, what tools does your website provide to help me work with my clients?

  • Our online fabric catalog enables you or your client to browse and select RODOLPH products from any location, saving time and allowing for more flexible schedules.
  • Develop multiple schemes or storyboard options to share with your customer.
  • Utilize Virtual Meeting technology and receive customer feedback to expedite a project.
  • This website aids in storing, organizing and distributing project and scheme ideas, allowing the designer to spend additional time consulting with a client.

I am a potential client in search of a good designer, can you help me?

  • Yes, we wish to assist you in this process. Please register as a consumer and fill out the questionnaire.


How do I sort my schemes and projects?

  • Projects and schemes are alphabetized automatically.
  • If you desire a different order you can number your schemes from 0-9, followed by a name or description.

How do I copy a fabric pattern from one scheme into another?

  • In the project column, select the scheme you wish to copy the fabrics into. This scheme will appear in the storyboard (at the center of your screen).
  • Drag and drop the fabric from your other schemes into the storyboard.

How do I request samples from multiple schemes at the same time?

  • Create a single scheme called "sample requests" for each project, and using the technique described above copy the desired fabric into that scheme.


How do I share a storyboard presentation with a client?

  • To send via email, begin by clicking the envelope icon in the top-right corner of the project bar.
  • To share your screen and converse with your client in real time, access a program such as GoToMeeting under the heading "Virtual Meeting" in the Resources menu.

When I send a storyboard to a client, what will they receive?

  • When sending the storyboard, you are given a variety of display options. Depending on what you select, your client can receive a PDF presentation with:
    • A personalized header
    • Your notes pertaining to the overall project
    • Individual fabric comments and pricing as warranted

How do I revise my design profile?


Does RODOLPH ship internationally?

  • Yes, RODOLPH will ship samples internationally, although there is an additional cost and delivery times may vary.

How long does it take for samples to ship?

  • For design professionals, sample requests are shipped from the representatives within two business days, and should arrive within two more business days. For new introduction sample requests, these are sent from RODOLPH Headquarters and can take an average of 2-6 days depending on your location.


Will Fabrics from different dye lots match?

  • Color or texture will typically vary. However, fabric on the back of a sofa or draperies on a side wall will naturally garner different light, mitigating or exaggerating a dye lot difference. Please inquire for specifics.

What is the difference between the options for a "Minimum Reorder" and "Limited to Stock on Hand"?

  • Fabrics available for a minimum reorder can be purchased for the piece price at the maximum quantity listed.
  • Limited to Stock on Hand typically are discounted to prices just below reorder cost. If you are interested in ordering more of this fabric please inquire for specifics.


If necessary, how do I return merchandise?

  • Returned merchandise will not be accepted without prior approval from RODOLPH. Please note our sales policy for detail.
  • Special orders and fabric cuts of less than six yards are not returnable. Fabric is returned for a credit only.
  • When approved, a restocking fee may apply unless the fabric is deemed to be flawed prior to shipping.
  • Requests for return must be submitted, in writing, no more than two weeks from receipt of goods.
  • Returned materials must be uncut and in original condition. All flaws must be marked only at the selvage edge with a yarn or small removable tape. At no time should a marking of any type be placed directly on the surface of the fabric.
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